Love Affair with Water {OHP#4}

Wednesday has arrived! That means it’s time for some Pinterest show and tell. As usual, I will be linking up with The Vintage Apple.

This week I decided on theme. Beach. Ocean. Sea creatures. Sunshine. You’ll catch my drift…


via Pinterest, original unknown

My favorite beach

via Sparkpeople

Maybe they’ll tell me I’m pretty like Aquamarine’s

via j.crew


via Pinterest, original unknown

via Pinterest, original unknown

Easy Breezy

via Nordstrom


via Tracee Murphy

via notonthehighstreet


via Diamonds for Dessert


via sweetopia

Baby shark (dodo do do da do)

via Pinterest, original unknown

Mer-baby (obsessed with this idea)

via laybabylay


via shopplasticland


via freelikedolphins

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6 responses to “Love Affair with Water {OHP#4}

  1. Gorgeous pins! I love that first quote. I’ve been planning on putting it up in my house. I also now desperately want to go to the beach. Maybe it will turn into a beach day.

  2. Mermaid bookends? So cool.

  3. lovely post… lovely those starfish earrings and the baby shar lol *.*
    found you on ‘this girls life’ bloghop, following you via bloglovin, follow back if u like….

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