Chevron, Starfish, & Luke Bryan {OHP#6}

As much as I love to pin, I’ve gotten into a bad habit of just looking at what all my “pin friends” have pinned and then re-pinning that. It’s like I’m too lazy to click on “everything” and sort through all that stuff…lucky for me I have friends with good taste.

So here I go showing off all of the pins I stole from my friends…plus a few I hunted for myself. Linking up with The Vintage Apple for everyone’s favorite hump day treat! Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday.

Roasted red pepper & goat cheese alfredo. Can I get a yum?



I was ready to wear this…then I realized it’s a little girl’s dress. I still think I’d wear it. Chevron. One shoulder. Ruffles. What’s not to love?


Bangin’ grilled shrimp skewers. Can I get another yum? And I know this one will be good because I’ve tried lots of recipes from this website. It’s a winner.


Barrels as furniture :)


I am in love with this green cabinet. And everything else about this little bathroom.


Gorgeous. Love the shirt. Love the shorts. Love the shoes. Love the sunglasses. Love the hair…


Oh that Ralph


My kind of sippy cup.




in my future backyard.


Fun stuff here, guys. Fun stuff. Hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of…

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6 responses to “Chevron, Starfish, & Luke Bryan {OHP#6}

  1. I would totally wear that dress! Love the long wavy hari too :)

  2. Erin

    I pinned those barrel tables today too! Cute blog :)

    P.S. I have a giveaway going on you should come check it out!

  3. great pins! love the be silly,honest, kind. And really love the luke bryan pin:)

  4. these are so great :)

  5. Great Pins! Love the white shorts outfit and I need that green cabinet in my house! fun post :)

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