So Long Grad School

Thursday was my last day at my grad school internship. Graduation is just a few days away, and I am so excited! Friday morning I had to drive over to Pensacola to fill out paperwork for my NEW JOB, so I got to make a quick stop in the hometown before heading back to Mobile!

Gotta get me some cake!

Here’s my pretty yellow petit four from my favorite local bakery. They were out of pink, but this was a lovely substitution. The lady in the store said some people are very particular about what color they want, and insist they taste different. I think they all taste the same…DELICIOUS!

That photo there is courtesy of my friend Nikki. I told her to take a picture of me and my cake for my blog. She’s knows I started one, but I told her the details are still a secret until I get it up and going. Let’s see how long it takes her to find it. She told me her google stalker search words would be the name of the bakery, petit fours, and house. I was all “mmhmm” in real life, but in my head I was all “HOUSE!? How does she know the name of my blog?” Then I remembered we were just talking about how I am excited to look for a house to rent after I start my job. I guess she knows me well…or my blog name is just very appropriate.

Look at the pretty bracelets I got at Forever 21 to wear stacked on my watch. Now I just need a few more neutral ones.

Pardon the four different colored arms there. Photoshop. I’m working on it.

Weird weather happened on the drive back to school.

Note the sunshine in the sky and the rain drops on my window. Ten points if you know what that’s called. There is a legitimate old Southern saying for that kind of weather. I took an informal survey once, and only people with a little redneck heritage have ever heard it before. “The devil’s beating his wife.” No, I’m not crazy. It’s a thing. People say it. The more you know…


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