Blogging Lesson #1

I read tons of blogs, but this whole “writing my own blog” thing is still pretty new to me. I’m working out kinks and learning as I go. But let me tell you one important lesson I’ve already learned. It is very easy to manipulate a series of pictures and create the image of perfection. No I’m not talking about my photoshop skills (still a work in progress!) Let me give you an example from yesterday.

Aaron and I were so excited to go see The Avengers!

We stopped by Target and bought some dollar treats to smuggle into the theater. Don’t hate. We’re poor college kids. I’m all about the Raisinets.

I told Aaron to look excited. This was the best he could do. You would think I was dragging him to see this movie!

Here I am blinding the theater with my camera flash before the movie started!


Hmm…that seems like the perfect little afternoon movie date, doesn’t it. Haha. Well let me tell you what really happened.

Aaron: (at 1:00pm-ish) Let’s go see The Avengers today!

Haley: Ok! Let’s try to go between 4 and 5:30 when tickets are only $5.

Aaron: There’s a showing at 4:15. Score! We can have fun and be financially responsible!

*word for word transcription.

We then proceeded to lounge around until about 3:30.We went to Target and got our smuggled snacks.

I forced Aaron to take a picture of us (because we’ve been dating for almost three years and have maybe 3 good pictures of us together).

But it was hot (and bright).

So we really looked like this.

Then we waited in a long line just to find out the movie was sold out. We didn’t want to see the movie in 3D (again, broke college kids here) so we bought tickets for the next 2D showing at 7:30. They were not $5.

So we went back to Aaron’s apartment and watched Big Bang Theory for a few hours. Annnnd we ate all our candy (yes all of it -two 190 calorie servings of Raisinets were my dinner). We left really early so we could get good seats since our tickets were so darn expensive.

We still had more waiting to do, so Aaron wasn’t that excited anymore,

But we finally got to see the movie!


And it was great! I love Iron Man. Aaron got mad at me because I don’t like Thor.

Notice how those were all the same pictures, but two completely different stories. Now I understand why some bloggers seem to have such perfect little days all the time. I’m only seeing little pieced together snapshots! Don’t worry now. I’ll keep it real.



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2 responses to “Blogging Lesson #1

  1. We totally smuggle candy into theaters, not because we are college kids but because we are just too cheap to spend $5 on something we can get for $1. Haha… I will probably always be a theater smuggler. Owell!


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