I’m so hood

Guess what I picked up today!

My cap and gown and hood (since I’ve getting that whole Master’s degree thing).

Check out these sleeves. They’re intense.

You’re a wizard, Haley! *in Hagrid’s voice, of course

And these hoods should come with instructions because I have no idea how to wear it without looking like a superhero. Oh. Here’s some sad news. Apparently I only rented this hood, meaning I have to give it back. All that work, and I don’t even get to keep it. No fun. I was totally planning on wearing it over scrubs while seeing patients.

And just in case you want to see, here’s my graduation dress! It’s from JCPenney’s and adorable. My mom told me she found some shoes for me to wear with it, but I’ll have to wait and see since she’s an hour away.

With graduation creeping up closer and closer, I have been taking advantage of all my student “perks.” Lots of stores around town give student’s 10% off on food (and froyo). Firehouse gives student’s free chips and a drink with sandwiches. I’ll be sad to see all those discounts stop. But the BEST perk for me that I am really taking advantage of this last week…the beautiful recreation center.

I am so spoiled by this place. I go to the fitness classes multiple times throughout the week (fo free!), and I’m going to miss it so much. My favorite class they have is Mondays Turbokick with Brittany. I thought Monday was my last chance to take her class, but I got lucky. There is a Wednesday afternoon Turbokick class with another instructor that I could never go to because of my internship and classes. But this week I could since I’m done with everything. And guess what…I walked in to class and Brittany was subbing! I was so happy I got to do one more of my favorite class!

After Turbokick take a look at what I noticed.

I have worn holes in my tennis shoes!

Never in my life have I worn out shoes like that, but I have had these for a while. I wore them to my internships everyday and worked out in them too. Some new tennis shoes may just be a good idea for a graduation present…hmm.

Now I think I’m going to be a crazy person and go to Zumba tonight too. This is the class that I usually go to on Wednesdays, and my friend Jamie goes too. Hey, I have to take advantage of all my perks while I can, right?

In other random news, I braked for a turtle crossing the road today. I totally came to a dead stop on a very busy road by campus and waited a few good seconds for the little guy to cross. (Imagine how long it takes a turtle to crawl about 6 feet- he was bookin’ it though). He only made it to the median with my help, so hopefully he made it across the other side of the road.  I was tempted to jump out and carry him, but our campus has a bad snapping turtle reputation. Good deed of the day accomplished. Ha.


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