Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie (My Favorite)

Goodness gracious. Go make this right now. It is my favorite smoothie/dessert/snack/lunch/dinner ever. I drink these so often it’s embarrassing. I’ve made late night runs to Walmart just to get an ingredient to make this smoothie. I consider this an original recipe, but I learned my smoothie basics from here and got the great idea to use cottage cheese from here.

Add all ingredients together and blend. You can use a regular blender or an immersion blender like I do.

After I blend it all together, I usually add ~5-10 chocolate chips and then blend a few more seconds. I like a little texture in my smoothies. Then drink up!

I guess you could put it in a cute cup if you want to.

Honestly, my monogramed tervis tumbler is just being used for a pretty picture here. I usually drink out of the ugly mixing cup…otherwise way too much smoothie goes to waste.

Whole smoothie is ~258 calories (not including extra chocolate chips)


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