Counting My Blessings: High Five For Friday!!

I am so excited for today! Again, I’m new at this whole blogging thing, but I’m so happy that I can now participate in all the fun link ups from all the blogs I read (like my Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday post).

So for the first time in history I get to actually write out, for the whole world to see, my top five things from this week (instead of just listing them in my head and thinking about what I would write *if I had a blog of my own). I’m linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for…

Do you want to know why this is one of my favorite link ups? It makes me look back and count all the blessings I have in my life. It’s so easy to take the little moments for granted, but writing them down is a wonderful way to realize that it’s the happy little not-so-special moments that are actually the happiest and most special.

So without further ado…I present you with my high five for Friday.

1. Monday: I had my FINAL meeting to turn in all my clinical hours from my internship. I am officially DONE with school.

2. Tuesday was my first day of zero responsibilities.  I did a whole lot of nothing.

I laid around. I read. Oh this day was glorious.

3. On Wednesday I got a bonus Turbokick class at the gym with my favorite instructor. After I graduate I will be banned from my beloved free gym classes, so I have been taking full advantage this week. On Monday I went to my usual Turbokick class with Brittany and was all sad when it was over. Then I realized another instructor teaches it on Wednesday afternoon. I decided to hit up that class only to find my favorite instructor subbing! Made my day!

4. Picked up this little gem and pretended to rock my Hogwarts robe (I’d take a Hogwarts acceptance letter over a diploma any day).

And of course a picture of the wizard sleeves in all their glory…

5. On Thursday I got my nails did for graduation with my friend Emily. French-shellac for the win. Then we wandered around stores so I didn’t have to clean my apartment.

Awkward thought: If I posted this picture on facebook, I’m pretty sure people would think I was announcing an engagement at first glance. Nope guys. I’m just showing off my sweet french mani. Haha.

There you go! Lots of graduation theme going on. Exciting times, ya’ll.



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2 responses to “Counting My Blessings: High Five For Friday!!

  1. Your post was delightful. It made me smile.

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