Graduation Weekend

Well this past weekend was quite the whirlwind. I don’t have any of the good “graduation-y” pictures because I decided I didn’t want to tote my camera around with me. So now I have to wait for my friends to post their pictures on facebook, and my sister to send me some of her pictures.

Friday I cleaned, so my family wouldn’t think I live in a pigsty. I was all…

Then later that evening we went to Aaron’s roommate’s graduation party. It was a fun time. (With delish food).

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early (well it’s not really “bright” at 5:00) to finish cleaning my apartment, and get dressed for all the graduation festivities of the day. I had a little ceremony for just my department in the morning, and then the big graduation event later that afternoon.

Where I got this baby…

Don’t get too excited. It’s an empty diploma cover. And I have another one just like it from undergrad.

Aaron’s family and my family had a joint graduation dinner in Pensacola at a little steakhouse. It was a HUGE table. It ended up being 23 people. It was a good time, but it sure is stressful trying to plan a dinner with that many people in a different city…when you don’t know for sure when graduation is going to end…and hardly any restaurants take reservations…and it’s raining…and traffic is bad…and you are late.  But it all worked out.

Here are the only other pictures I took that day.

Riley graduated too! He’s a regular Tahj Mowry over here.

Maegan and Shelby decided to play “stack all the pillows in the house on Aaron.”

He was a good sport.

Check out that sweet Snow White VHS. The kiddos love watching all my old movies when they come to Grandma’s house. Yes we still have a little TV with a VCR attached.

Sunday was a very lazy day. I did a lot of napping and ABC Family-movie watching after Aaron headed back to Mobile. Gotta love Mother’s Day movie marathons. I think I OD’ed on Nicholas Sparks movies.

I stayed another night because I had an appointment to get fingerprinted Monday morning. I’m just a common criminal, you know.

*edited to add: Those are not my children. haha. Reading over this again I can see how that could be a little confusing. Those are some of my nieces and nephews that I love dearly.



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2 responses to “Graduation Weekend

  1. Congrats! Grad. school has a way of putting you in a bubble disconnected from reality-trust me I know! So glad to find another SLP on here! I.graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2009…I’m working part time/prn right now since I just had a baby girl-). Good luck with your CFY…peds or adults?

    • Congrats on your baby girl! I’m so glad I found another SLP too. My CFY is with adults in a snf. I’ll start in about a month. Right now I’m working through all my provisional licensure stuff…they don’t make it simple in Florida at all. haha

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