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Well good thing graduation festivities are over, because I’m feeling a little sick. Sore throat and achy-ness. I hardly ever get sick, but I think when I do my body waits until I’m on a vacation. Not in an “I’m going to ruin your time off” kind of way, but more like “I finally slow down enough  for sickness to catch up with me” kind of way. Am I the only one?

Well do you know what is good for a sore throat?


I was able to drag my poor feeble body out of bed just long enough to go on a fro-yo date with the boyfriend. Just kidding. I was feeling better thanks to a steady stream of medicine. We ran tons of errands and I got some of my provisional SLP licensure stuff taken care of. It’s a never-ending process I tell ya!

Now I’m not just being whiney here. I mentioned my feeling sick for a reason. I wasn’t about to cook anything feeling so yucky, so Aaron made me some chicken noodle soup for dinner. I wondered what he was going to eat, and I noticed he had his laptop in the kitchen and a bunch of ingredients set out on the counter. Guess what he was doing…He was making his own dinner using my recipe on the blog. Tuna-Mac of course. haha. I have a new blog reader.

Seeing as I’ll be moving to Pensacola in the next month and Aaron will be staying in Mobile for grad school, I won’t be able to cook dinner for him anymore. No matter how busy it gets with school and work, we eat together every night. Is that crazy? Well I guess the few nights he used to work the late shift I would take him dinner up to work, but whatever. Maybe now that I have this blog he can try to cook all my recipes while I’m away! Haha.

Anyway. Hopefully I will have some more recipes to post soon. I’ve been slacking on the cooking with graduation weekend and then me not feeling too great.




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2 responses to “New Blog Reader

  1. Nothing like chicken soup when you’re under the weather! Feel better!

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