High Five for Friday!

Yay for my second time linking up with From My Grey Desk for…

This was the first week of my little mini summer vacation…and it needs to slow way down. I spent most of this week laying around because I was sick with strep throat, but now I’m on the mend. I need to start enjoying my little mini vacay more now before it’s over and I have to join the adult working world.

But hey! My sickness didn’t make my whole week bad. I still got some pretty fun “high-fives” to throw out there.

1. First off I had this little event on Saturday where I got my Master’s degree. Woo-hoo! Now I’m a speech-language pathologist with a bunch of fancy letters after my name. From now on I’m Housegirl Haley M.S., CFY-SLP. Or you can just call me Master Haley. I’m flexible. I also got to see so many people I love that day!

2. Holy Moly this week had some amazing episodes of my favorite TV shows. I’m sad that a lot of them were finales, but I can be patient and appreciate how awesome the stories are getting. Umm Vampire Diaries anyone? That finale was sooo good. I can’t even contain myself. I’m a total Delena.

I’m also all about some How I Met Your Mother, Revenge, and Once Upon A Time. I do watch other non-cliffhanger-y shows that are always good: Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, New Girl.  Oh and the Bachelorette started up, so we’ll see if it will suck me in like the last Bachelor did.

3. I got a ton of my licensure “stuff” done. Let me tell you. Florida does not make it easy to get a provisional SLP license. I mean there was blatant contradictory information on the website. One list of requirements said I had to take these CEU courses (which I know I have to take)…and then another page outright said I DON’T have to any courses for a provisional license. Umm what? So high five for figuring all that out and getting some stuff done!

4. I found a pair of white jeans at Kohl’s that I love.

The funny thing is they are actually longer capri pants, but on me they are jeans, because I typically wear petite pants.

5. This is going to be a weird high five, and I’m aware of it. Haha. I went to the doctor about my strep throat, and she gave me some options: 10 days on prescription antibiotics or a penicillin shot. Well if you know me at all you know that I am TERRIBLE at swallowing pills. I’m a child. No, I’m worse than a child because one of my little nieces can take medicine better than I can. Anyway, the idea of swallowing pills with a sore throat was too much, so I opted for the shot.

Then she starts with the warnings. It hurts. It’s a huge needle. Some forms of strep are penicillin resistant. I put on my game face. Then I hear her talking with the nurse outside. The nurse is all “the needle is sooo thick,” and “you have to give it in the hip because you have to PUSH it in.” Basically they were terrifying me…and I’m not even one to be afraid of needles.

Then the nurse came in and gave me the shot, and it was no big deal. AT ALL. I was all “is that it?” It didn’t even hurt. And that’s why this is a high five…because I walked out of there feeling like a boss.



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2 responses to “High Five for Friday!

  1. Congrats, Master Haley! BTW, thanks for the eye-candy 🙂


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