Things to do when you don’t feel good

The good news is I am healthy again (thanks to a shot of penicillin). The not-so-bad news is that I spent a lot of time laying around doing nothing the past few days. And hey! Who doesn’t mind laying around doing nothing? Not this girl. But it wasn’t too fun not feeling well.

Lucky for you, I spent my time compiling a list of things you can do when you don’t feel too awesome.  In other words, here’s what I do when I don’t feel like doing anything.

1. Eat raw cookie dough

I’m such a rebel.

Isn’t it just precious how they say “please” and everything. haha.

I just read this as “please don’t sue us if you get salmonella poisoning.”

2. Read. Read. Read.

I finished my book. It was a quick read anyway. Finally and Forever by Robin Jones Gunn

Now I’m deciding what to read next. Here are my options.

1. The Last Summer (of You & Me) by Ann Brashares

edited 6/1/12: For the record, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK. It’s just awful. I do not recommend it. Barf.

2. Waterfalls (book 6 of Glenbrooke Series) by Robin Jones Gunn

3. Little Altars Everywhere by Rebecca Wells

I act like I’m going to choose just one, but I’ll probably read them all at once. Honestly I’m already about halfway through Altars, about one chapter into Waterfalls, and I just started reading Summer. I had a bad habit of trying to start books when I was crazy busy with school. That will be my goal. Finish all these books I’ve started.

3. After I became not-contagious, I needed an outing. So of course I went to the best place to wander around and waste time…

Target! And while I was there, I found some fancy shoes.

Haha. I just HAD to hobble around in them.

Aaron took pictures for me. He said he likes this one better…

Apparently off to the side and out of the shot is more artistic.

Something about the material on the shoes reminds me of a backpack my sister had in the 90s. It was one of those cinch top ones.

The 90s are back in full swing I guess.

4. Annoy the boyfriend while he is playing his videogame.

I’m attention starved.

I had this great picture of me sticking rolled up dollar bills behind the arms of his glasses, but you see, he has been doing a whole lot of nothing lately too. And that includes a whole lot of not shaving. No one needs to see him with his “mustache.” Plus he forbade me to put it on the interwebs, so whatever. haha

5. Sell clothes on ebay

This is probably the most productive thing I have done lately. I’ve had a stack of clothes sitting in my room forever. They don’t fit me anymore (the good kind of not-fitting), and I’ve been meaning to do something with them. I sorted the good ones out and took the rest to Goodwill. Now I’ve begun the process of listing them on ebay. It’s really not as quick and easy as you think it is. It’s really a lot of work.

The good news is people are already bidding. 

My most popular item is a pair of navy and white seersucker shorts from J.Crew. Do you want them? Here they are. “Yup!” it up. Funny thing is I actually bought these at the Goodwill. Maybe I’ll make a profit.


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