La Cocina

I am slowly working on a project. I want to make a photo book (the ones you design online) of all of our favorite places in Mobile. I’ll be moving soon, so I want a way to remember all of the places Aaron and I spent our time together when we first started dating. Oh the memories!

One of those places is La Cocina. I remember the first day I moved to Mobile…my mom and I were driving around town, and we passed the little hole in the wall mexican restaurant. It hurts my heart to think of my first reaction to the place, so let’s just say I never thought it would become a favorite.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I ate there with a few friends…apparently everyone who is anyone in Mobile knows how wonderful the food is there. It’s a teeny tiny building, but come meal times it is filled to the brim. If there are no seats, we wait. When we see people decide to leave instead of waiting, we shake our heads and think “they just don’t understand what they are missing.” Our little group of friends in Mobile has had just about every birthday celebration here…and any other big get together.

Aaron and I ate there today, and I had my absolute favorite thing!

I don’t even know what it’s called on the menu because I never even open the menu when I eat here anymore. I just ask for the half bowl of chicken soup. There is a whole lot of pico de gallo in this picture, so you can’t see the best part…the avocados! I love it and must learn how to recreate it since I won’t be able to eat here as often.



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