Awkward Runner

I finally got to break in my new running shoes today. I went to the gym at Aaron’s apartment (since I’m graduated and got kicked out of the university gym) and ran on the treadmill for a while. How long? How far? No one knows because I kept accidentally hitting the emergency stop button with my water bottle…I didn’t even realize what was doing it until the fourth time.

I do know that I ran for about an hour and a half because I watched two episodes of Everybody Loves Raymond and one episode of Arthur. I don’t care that I’m 23 with a Master’s degree. Arthur is a good show. I found some little sneaky tidbits in the show geared for adults, though…or at least lovers of classic television. On one episode Buster visits a nursing home called Shady Pines. Does that ring a bell?

The Golden Girls! (Shady Pines, Ma…)

 And then Francine’s baseball team was wearing uniforms with big curly L’s on the shoulder a la Laverne from Laverne and Shirley.

Anyway. I ran a little “pyramid” type workout that I made up as I went along. After a little warmup I just started going up and down from 4.5 mph to 7 mph in .5 increments for a minute each. Don’t judge me because I only go up to 7 mph. haha. I have little short legs and at 7 mph they are whipping back and forth like I don’t know what. I’m at an all out sprint! (When Aaron and I walk side by side, I take two step to his one.) I did that thorough both Raymond’s. Then I got bored and was getting tired, so I just alternated a really slow jog for 4 minutes and a fast run for 1 minute through Arthur.

The whole times I was running though, my new capris kept inching down. Don’t worry though…nothing got scandalous. They are just fold over leggings, but I guess the fold over part is just too heavy to run in with all that up and down motion going on. I kept having to awkwardly pull up my pants legs to adjust (which is no small feat while continuing to run on a treadmill).

I’m sure I looked a mess…but I have no shame.


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