Better late than never… {H54F#4}

It’s still Friday over here, y’all! Linking up with From My Grey Desk for…

So…I waited until very late in the day to write this Friday post. But better late than never, right?

1. Lazy Days.

I have officially been a bum all week long. Sleeping in until 11ish. Accomplishing next to nothing. If I do one productive thing a day I feel like a champ.

[A picture example of my lazy day is a lack of picture.]

2. Date Jar Date

Aaron and I finally did one date from our date jar that we’ve been trying to do FOREVER: Tour of Mobile with camera. Tourist style. What we like/will miss about Mobile. I mentioned the little memory book project I am working on in my la cocina post, and this date got a lot of the footwork done. We went downtown and got a ton of good pictures. Most of them aren’t of us, because that isn’t really the point. And of course it’s hard to get both of us in pictures when we are by ourselves…Here are just a few so I don’t bore you to death.

3. Necklace from the other side of the World

It has arrived. My sister ordered me one of these babies from ebay, and it has taken forever to arrive. I guess it did come all the way from HONG KONG. But who cares. It’s here now, and I’m excited. I told her if it takes much longer, it won’t be stylish anymore. 🙂

4. Found my Lost Credit Card

I went to the post office. Realized my card was gone.

Destroyed the inside of my purse looking for it. Called mi madre. Tried to remember the last time I used it (no idea because I have been using cash lately-very atypical). Checked my bank balance online. Saw the last place was the nail salon (that I went to 4 days ago). Called the nail salon…and THEY HAD IT!

This is just a testament to my number one up there. I have been doing next to NOTHING all week. No shopping. No eating out. And hey! you don’t need a credit card to lay around the house and read all day. But still…can you believe I went 4 days without noticing my credit card was gone? Ridiculous.

5. Pretty Stamps

I wanted the Disney ones, but they were out. Ok, I’ll deal with cherry blossoms.

Happy weekend!


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