Fabulous Footwear Fun

If you can’t already tell by the title of this post, I’m a pretty big nerd (with with an affection for alliteration).

And do you know how nerds like to have a good time? By walking around stores and finding the most “fabulous” pair of shoes to try on. (Or maybe it’s just me). I guess this is part 2 to my “Things to do when you are bored” list.

The setting for this evenings festivities was Kohl’s. And let me tell you, the shoe competition was something fierce. So fierce, in fact, that there was a tie.

Winner #1

Winner #2

Those shoes look huge on me in that picture, but they actually fit me just fine. I walked around and everything. Upon second review, I believe #2 is the clear winner. Which pair is your favorite?

These pictures are making me self conscious. My ankles are rather pale, aren’t they. For the record I chose to not mess with the white balance while I was editing these pictures because it made me look ghostly. I went into that whole “what do I really look like” mode. You know like when you see yourself in a “skinny mirror” (dressing rooms at LOFT) or a “fat mirror” (dressing rooms at Old Navy). I kept clicking back and forth trying to figure out which one was true to life. The verdict: it doesn’t matter because no matter what, I’m still pretty pale.

Aaron wanted to get in on some of the shoe modeling fun. His aren’t “fabulous,” but still quite nice.


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