Date Jars & 50 Date Ideas

I got a little sneaky in my last post…casually mentioning our date jars, like everybody knew what I was talking about. So now I’m going to talk about ’em.

Here’s why I made them. Too often Aaron and I were sitting around doing nothing:

“Let’s do something.” “Ok. What do you wanna do?” “I don’t know, what do you wanna do?”

Sound familiar?

I decided to do something to fix it.

I went to Hobby Lobby and bought 2 cheap glass jars and a few scrapbook types supplies to decorate it with. Here’s how my jars turned out.

So masculine, right?

Then I scoured the internet looking for fun, unique, (and cheap) date ideas. Most sites just repeat the same boring ones over and over, but I picked through and chose all of the ones that sounded like the most fun or intrigued me. And of course I made up some on my own.

Then I typed them up, printed them, and cut them into long strips. I rolled them around a pencil and taped each piece. Then I put them all in the “To Do” jar.

After we finish each date, we put the paper in the “Done” jar. Just for fun I also put stuff like tickets, question lists, or whatever we used on the date in there too. Then we get to pick the next one. I would dare to say that drawing the next date is more fun than any of the actual dates.

Here’s my list. Some of them might not make sense to everyone because some only apply to things around where we live, or stuff that relates to only us (like recreating previous dates-just do your own though). I bolded the ones we have already done.

50 Date Ideas

  1. Go hiking.
  2. Five dollars each. Grocery store. Split up and buy two things we have never tried before/weird foods.
  3. Five dollars each. Thrift store. Split up and pick out something for the other person to wear to dinner.
  4. Go somewhere and make a couple bucket list
  5. Make a book-children’s style-about how we met/started dating
  6. Buy a couple props at party city. Set up “photobooth” at home and take a ton of pictures (because we have none)
  7. Go to bookstore & pick out a book for us to read together-book club style-let him pick book first
  8. Yardsale-ing
  9. Cook something complicated at home together
  10. Make a movie bucket list
  11. Tour of mobile with camera-tourist style/what we like/will miss about mobile
  12. Teach her how to play a video game
  13. Take her rockwall climbing
  14. Puzzle night with snackity snacks
  15. Go see a play/concert-The Band Perry
  16. Love language test
  17. Coupon date-only do things we have coupons for
  18. Star Wars marathon
  19. Harry Potter marathon (in order, but can be broken up over days)
  20. Go bowling. creative style for each set (opposite hand, granny, eyes closed, backwards, etc.)
  21. Each make a list of 20 questions (use the internet Aaron) and ask over dinner
  22. Redo old dates (beach & oar house, movie & foo, middle school date)
  23. Exercise together-go to gym-let him choose what to do (swim, weights)
  24. Breakfast date-make breakfast food together (assign jobs), listen to breakfast at tiffany’s, watch the breakfast club or breakfast at tiffany’s any time of day
  25. Exploreum (science museum)
  26. Go to a sports event
  27. Frisbee
  28. Go for a drive and take state line pictures
  29. Push her on swings at a park
  30. Make a playlist/cd of our songs. Listen to it together
  31. Fancy picnic
  32. One Tree Hill dates-Nathan and Haley (cracker jacks and bracelet by the water or like the one Brooke planned)
  33. Revisit special memory places and take a picture-because I have none (Wesley van (where we first talked), stupid ice cream place)
  34. Drive to beach & stroll at sunrise or sunset
  35. Water/nerf gun fight
  36. Buy loaf of bread, feed ducks
  37. abstract finger painting on little canvases
  38. Make a time capsule and bury it somewhere
  39. Order a heart shaped pizza
  40. Go play basketball together somewhere
  41. Go antiquing
  42. Go lose money at the Casino!
  43. Tour of Hometown (Pensacola or Dothan)-take to all favorite places there
  44. Zoo
  45. $5 split up and buy each other a gift. Meet up and exchange
  46. Go to the fancy grocery store and walk around. Look at the different foods and maybe buy something new to try
  47. Find an arcade & spend some quarters
  48. Quarter date (anything you can do with quarters-get a roll and spend them all). Buy prizes from machines, arcade games, car wash/vacuum, buy drinks/snacks from a machine, play jukebox?, take photobooth pictures, claw machine, laundromat, air in tires, ride on toys/wind machine at the mall
  49. Find and appropriate tree. Find an appropriate carving device. Carve initials into tree. Take a picture.
  50. Pottery painting

Let me just say that the list of 20 questions over dinner was way more fun than I anticipated. One of my questions was asking Aaron if there were any dates he wanted to put in the jar. I added his suggestions, but I don’t remember what they were anymore…I guess I’ll be surprised too.

By the way, Aaron hasn’t seen this list. So hopefully he will continue not reading my little blog so he will be out of the loop.



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6 responses to “Date Jars & 50 Date Ideas

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  2. This is awesome! I actually made a list for my fiance and I when we first started dating, but we don’t purposefully do things from it anymore. I think I’ll make a jar like this, so we can start doing fun, different things again! And I’m definitely adding in some of your ideas, because you have quite a few that I don’t, and they seem like a lot of fun! 🙂

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  4. Megan

    This was a great list! I’m putting a jar together for my girlfriend and all of the websites have the same lame date ideas. I really like the idea of trying a new food at the grocery store! Thanks!

  5. Taylor

    Love the unique ideas! Thanks a million for this list. It’s fun, somewhat free stuff that we would actually do! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  6. Jeanne

    Do you know any place I could buy one of these dates in a jar from? I have no printer. Thanks.

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