Reading Machine!

Do you remember when I said I was a bookish little girl? Well let’s just say things don’t really change. Over the past week I have read 5 books (and I’m still going strong).

I’m sure I won’t be able to plow through books as quickly when I start working full-time, but for now I’m going to take advantage of my down time and be a reading machine. I have my little Goodreads account over there in the sidebar ———->, but I want to go ahead and make a page on my blog keeping track of all the books I read this year. Check it out up top in my menu.

I like reading lots of different things. Alternating light and easy reads with more trudgy and serious literature…newer books and classic books. Almost anything is game for me.

I’m not planning on writing book reviews because that sounds a whole lot like homework. I’m a college graduate with a Master’s degree…so I don’t have to do no stinkin’ homework anymore. And I’m pretty sure I went through my entire academic career without writing a single book report. I mean once I had to make a “book wheel” about Anne of Green Gables in the 6th grade, but that was a poster. Not a paper.

My nieces apparently have to write book reports all the time. One told me that someone in her class read the Hunger Games and then presented the report to the class…with spoilers. I’d be ticked. I vote for teachers to include book/movie review etiquette in their book report curriculum. Kids who haven’t read the book yet put in ear buds (or my technique – cover my ears with my hands and say “lalalalalalalalala”) during the spoilery parts until they see the presenters waving their arms in the air or something.

Anyway back to why I don’t plan to write book reviews…

The books that I have the most to say about are the ones that I hate the most (Mockingjay, anyone?). If someone begs me to rant, I will (trust me), but otherwise I’d like to keep this a positive place for y’all. 🙂

And as for books I just LOVE. I’d rather just say I love it and let people decide for themselves. Nothing is worse than too high expectations.

The problem with book reviews is that I just don’t trust other people’s opinions. It’s like when I would search for professors on for my undergraduate electives. (I took a lot of psychology electives because that was my minor.) If a review was really bad I just figured the kid was stupid. If a review was all, “Essay tests and mandatory attendance, but he’s such a cool guy. I learned so much!,” I was all “umm no.” (We’re talking electives here).  I just looked for key phrases like “Tests come straight from Powerpoints.” That’s all I needed to know.

Do you know what I do with book reviews? I wait until I finish a book. Especially one I hated. Then I go and try to find book reviews that perfectly word my feelings about the book. It gives me that great “These people get me” or “It’s not just me” feeling. I do the same thing with movies that I get especially worked up about.

Anyway this has been a pretty pointless post. If you’ve read this far hope you enjoyed! Check to see if I have any new books under my booklist tab up top.


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