Rain Rain Go Away…

It’s been a tad dreary over here lately

Lucky for me, neither my house in Pensacola or my apartment in Mobile was affected by flooding.  But now I’m going stir crazy and ready to see the sun again.

Here’s what I did the days prior to the downpour.

I got to wear my new necklace out to lunch with my friend Nikki.

We ate at Five Sisters. I tried the Fried Chicken since it was award winning and featured in Southern Living. Sides: cheese grits and pineapple coleslaw. Delish.

Late I went to my Grandma’s house. Here’s what her tomato plants had to offer.

Then I took a picture of her birdhouse because I thought it was pretty.

Now I am currently back in Mobile watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 on TV at my apartment. I’ve got a few more things to pack up, and then I’l be back in Pensacola to start work on Thursday (If my license will hurry up and get here).  



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4 responses to “Rain Rain Go Away…

  1. I love how we wear basically the same outfit with the necklace 🙂
    Too funny!

    The only reason I know the necklaces are handmade is because the lady who makes them emailed me telling me so! I didn’t think to look on the website!

    Happy Wednesday, girl 🙂

  2. Oh yes, we got part of that storm over here, but not nearly as bad as Pensacola! And I am in love with that top!

    • They were showing crazy stuff on the weather channel. I’m lucky I don’t live too close to the water, so I was safe from flooding.
      Believe it or not that top is from Hollister. I can’t stand that store, but I guess they have a few gems in there. That shirt is probably my most overworn shirt I have!

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