2012 Goals (because I’m a go-getter like that)

So way back in January (before I started blogging) I wrote out some of my goals for the year. Not like a resolution thing. More of a way to remind myself of what all I have accomplished throughout the year and what I need to keep my sights set on. Seeing as it’s June I figure it’s time for a little evaluation.

I think I’ve done pretty well so far.

  1. Continue healthy meal planning and regular workout routine (before and after graduation).
  2. Run more often. Register for and run a 5k by Fall
  3. Lose ten more pounds (June 30)
  4. Pass my praxis on the first try (Jan 14)
  5. Graduate on time with a thesis Iā€™m proud of (May)
  6. Get a job I love (May-June)
  7. Take more pictures
  8. Start a blog (post-thesis)
  9. Design planner project
  10. Have my own apartment by the end of the year
That’s 5 out of 10, y’all. I’m right on track.

1. I’ve been really good with healthy meal planning and working out up until lately. The whole moving thing has screwed up my routine. Hopefully I get straightened out when I start working. I feel like it’s easier to stay on track when I have a set schedule.

2. I run. But probably not more often. More excuses here. I had HOLEY SHOES. haha. But now I have shoes I like, so I can run more now. And before you go judging me and thinking I’m a wimp…I could totally run a 5k tomorrow. I typically run 3-5 miles when I go running. I’m not a beast or anything though. The farthest I’ve gone was 7 miles. I was very proud (and slow). That whole 5k goal is mostly just because I’ve never run in a race at all and want to try it out…in the Fall…when it’s not 100 degrees outside.

3. Lose 10 more pounds. lol. I certainly had high hopes there didn’t I? The good news is I have successfully maintained a 20lb weightloss for about a year now. I’ve stayed at that same weight whether I lay around eating chocolate for a week or work out everyday. But yeah. I’d like to lose a little more. Maybe not 10 whole pounds though. haha.

4. Pass my Praxis. Done! Honestly it would have been pretty embarrassing if I had not passed my Praxis. I’m pretty sure everyone in my program passed on the first try. Plus it is super expensive to take.

5. Graduate on time with a thesis I’m proud of. Done! I wasn’t ever really concerned that I wasn’t going to graduate…but sometimes as I was writing my thesis it felt like it. But I did it! Now I can’t wait to get my 105 page leather bound edition of The Impact of Music Theory Instruction on Pitch Discrimination Performance Given Interference. Fancy.

6. Get a job I love. Well I’ve got a job, but I’ll have to wait to check off the love part since I just started a few days ago. High hopes though!

7. Take more picture. Done. This is thanks in large part to numero ocho.

8. Start a blog (after I finish writing my thesis). Done (obviously).

9. Design planner project. I haven’t even started this yet. But what I really want to do is make my own custom planner in photoshop. I think I could do it…it’s just a matter of sitting down and doing it. I think I was inspired to do this after I saw all the cool printing stuff they can make at stores like Staples and Office Max. And of course all the fancy shmancy expensive planners I’ve seen on the internet. But I want my OWN pretty one.

10. Have my own apartment by the end of the year. It’s so crazy to think how far off this seemed when I made this goal in January. That was before I had a job at all. Right now I am moving into my mom’s house until I get a few paychecks in the bank (because I’m poor and just started working 2 days ago). Then in a few months/weeks I hope to rent a little house (like a garden home). Where I live it’s almost the same price for a small house as it is for an apartment…and if I have a house I can do workouts without having downstairs neighbors bang on their ceiling. Anyway. This is happening very soon. I’m excited šŸ™‚



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