Monogram Monday!

Hope everyone is having a marvelous Monday. Check out my favorite new shirt!

I found this baby blue button-up shirt at the Goodwill…in the men’s section no less. Aaron and I were browsing through for him and I stumbled upon this little beauty. It’s actually a boys size, but it fits me just fine. I had the inspired idea to ship it off to my sister Nicole (who happens to have some lovely monogrammed items in her online store Southern Sweet Pea Boutique) and have her monogram it for me…because everything is better with a monogram, isn’t it?

I had seen some of pictures on pinterest of bridesmaids wearing monogramed dress shirts, so I guess I was inspired by that. This monogram isn’t quite as frilly as the ones I have seen before. I love this big blocky monogram font because it shows off the bright pink color.

Here’s how I wore it…with my favorite white lace shorts from JCPenney’s. I felt so preppy.


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