Mirror, Mirror get on my wall

So a couple days ago when I went to buy paint (for my chevron craft project) at Hobby Lobby, I stumbled upon my new favorite thing: fairy tale mirrors. There are a few requirements for me to consider a mirror to be fairy tale mirror status.

1. It must be ginormous.

2. Lots of crazy intricate carving (weathering helps)

3. Painted a pretty color (white is a pretty color)

4. It must make me want to stand in front of it and practice my evil queen laugh (muah ha ha)

Aren’t these just the bee’s knees?

 Even though the the whole “mirror, mirror” thing is totally Snow White, this next mirror reminds me of Cinderella (my favorite Disney movie).

Ok. You got me. This one isn’t THAT carved looking. I still love it. Check out that distressed paint!

Those first 3 are all from Hobby Lobby…and 50% off. Too bad I’m poor.

I just can’t wait until I have a little house of my own to decorate.

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6 responses to “Mirror, Mirror get on my wall

  1. OH my gosh I love the turquoise one but then again I am obsessed with that color!

  2. I would also practice my evil queen laugh too in front of these mirrors 🙂

  3. Mmmm! Love it…especially the white one on top…it’s just perfect!

  4. I love the first white one, such intricate detailing on the frame! x

  5. jaimieheart

    That coral mirror in the last photo is DIVINE!! Oh, gosh..

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