Furniture Shopping & Bad Picture Taking

Guess who came to see me this weekend? The boyfriend!

This was the first picture we took. Just excuse Aaron’s drugged up looking eyes. We tried to take more, but they were all pretty much failures (see below). This ended up being the best one.

We decided to dine in style for lunch at the mall food court on Saturday. Chicken teriyaki is our favorite! (We are so high class) And of course we got some sweet teas at the Chick. It can’t be beat!

We walked around the mall for a bit and I got some pretty $3 flip flops from Old Navy. I never really wear rubber fliip flops but I just loved these with the crystals. And for $3, why not?

Then we went furniture shopping for Aaron and his new apartment. Here is the chair he got. (He really likes parrots).

What luck! We found a matching couch! We just couldn’t pass it up. The fish go so well with the parrots.

JUST KIDDING. We only got the chair 😉 But no. We went to Goodwill to walk around and look for some treasures. We didn’t buy anything (but I just couldn’t resist taking some pics of the crazy furniture). Most of the time when Aaron and I are bored and can’t think of anything to do we end up at some sort of thrift shop. It’s like our “Let’s do something” default.

Oh. And yesterday was a phenomenal mail day. I got a sweet card from my niece Maddy who was away at summer camp.

I also got my diploma (Master’s degree-woohoo!) and my new debit card (woohoo! too). I could have used that debit card earlier yesterday at the mall…that’s the only reason I came home with just $3 flip flops.

Just for fun-zies, here are the failure pictures Aaron and I took after we realized his eyes were too closed in the first one.

Eyes open wide!

Even wider! (Pardon my horrible laughing face. It’s a curse.)

Aaron’s goofy smile.

Yeah. I don’t know.

And somehow we even winded up with one of these. Don’t ask me how. Haha!

Now we are just hanging out while my Mom and Grandma cook up some steaks!


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