Lots of Moving and a Date Jar Date {H54F#8}

It’s time for High Five for Friday…err…I mean Saturday. Oops. I’m pretty lame this week. I kept telling myself to blog about my five favorites from this past week, but things like sleep, visiting with my family, and driving to Mobile to see the boyfriend for the weekend sounded a little better. But better late than never, right?

1. You know all that house-hunting I was talking about…well I got the house I wanted! Paperwork hasn’t been signed yet, but I’ll be a renter starting July 3rd! It’s perfect. See. Even a cupboard under the stairs for Harry.

2. My sister and her family are moving back to Pensacola! I am beyond excited. Tallahassee was just too far away.

3. I finally got a my nametag/badge at work. I feel so official. Maybe now people will stop looking at me suspiciously as I walk through the halls. And maybe they’ll stop thinking I’m a student…or 12 years old. (Seriously. A patient’s family member told me I looked 12 last week.)

4. I’m all caught up on my shows! The only shows I watch that aren’t on hiatus right now are The Bachelorette (Team Sean) and Pretty Little Liars (so good-I have no shame). Normally I watch them online, but since I really don’t want to sit up at Starbuck for a few hours with some earphones I’ve had to try to catch them when they actually come on tv. Boo commercials.

5. On Friday I headed to Mobile to visit the boyfriend! We’ve got a date jar date to take care of!

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