Date Jar Date: Antiquing

On Saturday morning Aaron and I had a date jar date to attend to:

So we got up bright and early (~11:00 haha) and headed out looking for some antique malls around Mobile.

But first we had to stop by our favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.

As we were following our trusty GPS around the city we stumbled upon this on the side of the road…

Umm. Sign me up. I will forever play the Harry Potter theme every time I see a piano. That’s better than Chopsticks, right?

Anyway. Back to the antiquing. We found a lovely little store downtown. I was overwhelmed. Here are a few things I found.

A coffee table made out of a porthole.

And this really awesome chair.

There was a lot of other antiques that I really liked, but I didn’t take pictures because A. I was overwhelmed and B. I wasn’t sure if taking pictures is frowned upon in an antique store. So I didn’t go crazy with the pictures. I kept it subtle.

They had tons of blue mason jars that I LOVE. After payday comes around I may need to head back over there.

Oh and I may have become obsessed with a chandelier made out of antique silverware (kind of like one from anthropologie)

And a mirror made out of antique ceiling tiles (with the original baby blue paint color-all chippy and distressed like I like). And a big sunflower painting. And every pretty shaped antique chair you can imagine (I have painting and re-upholstering on the brain).

Oh. I bet you’re wondering how Aaron took to wandering around antique stores for a few hours. For the record, this is the guy who whines and complains at the mere mention of the mall. Forever 21 brings him to tears. So imagine my surprise when HE told ME that I was going too fast through the store and he had more stuff he wanted to look at!

I can’t blame him though. There was some pretty cool stuff to look at in one of the fancier (i.e., put-your-children-in-a-straight-jacket-so-they-can’t-touch-anything expensive) stores. We came across a $38,000 statue of some saint with a sword and a $28,000 horse shaped children’s sleigh from Germany circa 1830. No pictures of those. I was too scared to rummage through my purse since the front door announced there were 22 security cameras in use in the store. Plus I didn’t want to get yelled at.

It was such a fun day though! I’m sure we will go again. Especially since I’m going to have a house to decorate soon 🙂

Now we’re excited to pick out our next date! I’ll be sure to keep you posted.


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  1. Colleen Dowd

    Who makes the floral bedspread? I am in love with it and want to buy it. Thank you!

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