Oh-Key Do-Key Day

Exciting things! Get ready.

Today has a theme and it’s KEYS!

Guess what. I’m a house renter! I’m totally living up to my blog name now!

Today was the fun day where I signed my life away and picked up my house keys!

Is that the Pink Panther I spy? Yep. Check out the awfulness in its full glory.

Good thing they gave me a ton of keys. I’d be pretty embarrassed to carry that little darling around.

And to continue with the key excitement…

I got to work early only to find that someone has lost the keys that I use to get into my office. I had no idea what to do. I can’t do therapy with no material and no daily notes. So one of my supervisor people told me to do the most exciting thing ever.

Over by the nurses station is a little red box with a glass window. Inside that box is a set of emergency master keys. So I got to take the little hammer and smash the glass…

Ok. Honestly I chickened out because all the nurses were standing around watching. So one of them did it for me. I don’t know. I was scared glass was going to go everywhere or something. For the record, it was plexiglass and just fell off in one sheet. Not as exciting as I was anticipating. I’ll know next time.

Anyway. I got into the office, and later I was delivered this baby.

My very own office key! I’m official. No more glass breaking for me!

Keys Keys Keys.


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