Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Friday night I celebrated my friend Nikki’s birthday! We started out the evening by going to see the Pensacola Wahoos. It was terrible weather all day long, but luckily it cleared up and we had a pretty sky to sit under.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t watch more than 3 seconds of baseball. Instead I spent most of the time discussing The Bachelorette and decorating.

Here I am with Sam and Nikki (L to R). Happy Birthday Nikki!

We ate a little bit of popcorn.

I really like the team’s colors. Pink and navy!

After the game we went to grab a bite to eat down by the beach. The 80s cover band Fly By Radio was playing at Flounder’s, so we went to check them out.

Here I am with Sarah. We perched on the back of a bench and made up hand motions to songs. (It was almost time for the hair to go up).

And here’s the whole group! Sarah. Nikki. Me (note: hair is now up). Sam. Jacey. It was a great group.

We found that this was the best spot for people watching. For the record, people wearing bodycon dresses and skirts make me very nervous. It was a fun night!


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