White World Market Desk

The other day I was browsing around blogland and I fell in love with a picture of an office with a lovely white modern desk with X legs.

Then as Aaron and I were shopping around World Market, I stumbled upon this little beauty…If you are wondering, yes. I did take that high quality photograph with a ham sandwich.

Pardon my horrible picture-taking skills. They are beside the point. The matter at hand is that awesome desk! It’s almost the exact same. Just fewer drawers (too bad, because I love drawers. positive note: more cute shelving options).

So look at that picture and squint real hard so you can make out that price tag. That’s right. $139.9 something. Not too shabby.

Do I need it?

Can I deal with how modern it looks?

Will I regret buying it if I run into a pretty antique looking desk that I can paint?

Can a girl have more than one desk?

(please say yes)

How about I think about it and decide later? After some pinterest desk shopping for more inspiration.



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2 responses to “White World Market Desk

  1. I’d personally get an antique desk just because the quality of the wood is likely to be better so it’ll last much longer. And there’s less chance of somebody else having the same one!

    • That’s actually what I did! I got a desk for $25 at a thrift store and I’m painting it. I’ve blogged about my progress, so you should check it out. As much as I liked the World Market one, it was a bit too modern looking for my personal taste. I was mostly psyched because it looked just like the one in that picture I saw on Pinterest.

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