Don’t buy the herb keeper from World Market

That amazing white desk wasn’t the only thing I found at World Market. Let’s talk a little more about some of the amazing stuff they have in that store.

This table lamp.

I don’t think I would put this in my house, but it’s kind of a cool coffee table.

And this whole line of furniture. It kind of looks like reclaimed barnwood. But it’s not. Because reclaimed barnwood is expensive.

Want to know a secret? Aaron totally broke an herb keeper thing in the store. In case you wanted to know it was not super resilient when up against the concrete warehouse floors of World Market. He tried to play it off, but a shard of plastic shot out into the main aisle and a little girl pointed to it and said “Look! Glass!” I think she felt like a safety patrol hero. I picked it up so no one else would freak out.

We kind of caused a scene. At least we made it through the actual glassware section without causing any damage.

For the record, Aaron isn’t allowed to touch anything in any store ever again. 🙂


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