I’ve finally lost it.

Nope. Not my mind.

Well, maybe.

I’ve lost my camera y’all.


You’d think this wouldn’t be too bad. What do I have pictures of? It’s mostly silly things like pictures of fro-yo and house accessories. You’ve seen my blog. And all of my pictures are backed up on my computer.

However I have some pictures that I really would like people to NOT see. I was a dumb dumb and took pictures of myself in a bathing suit when I was working out and losing weight. And of course they are the BEFORE pictures.

No thank-you. I would not like strangers to be flipping through all my boring pictures of paint chips and cookie dough wrappers and then stumble upon a fat girl picture of me in a bathing suit.

If it was my after pictures, then no big. But the BEFORE pictures. I die.

Where could it be? My Grandma’s house? She hasn’t seen it. My mom’s house? Nope. I even asked the people at Starbucks if they found a camera, since I do a lot of blogging in there. They didn’t have it. If they had it I would probably never come in again. My nightmare right now is a bunch of baristas gathered around my camera and saying, “hey! that’s the tall passionfruit tea computer girl in a bikini.”

Then again who am I kidding. I like the internet way more than I care about my pride.

Anyway. If I had my camera I could show off a picture of the couch that I really really like. Aaron and I went furniture shopping in Mobile and I fell in love with this couch. I’ve had dreams about it since. I was about to take a picture of it when I realized my camera wasn’t in my purse. 😦

However I did not fall in love with the sales lady at Ashley Furniture. I mean, I get it. Furniture sales people are annoying. They follow you around and try to talk to you when you just want to be left alone. I get it. It’s their job. But this one lady was just so awkward. I sat on a couch and then popped back up immediately because it was so uncomfortable—she proceeded to stare at it and repeatedly say how pretty it was and how it must be new because she hadn’t seen it before. I honestly felt less annoyed and more sorry for her.

I thought it was pretty obvious I hated the couch. Calling it pretty isn’t going to change my mind. Work on your sales technique awkward lady.

Anyway. I’m camera-less.



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One response to “I’ve finally lost it.

  1. Nicole

    I know where it is :)!

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