First House Purchases

Living in my furnished apartment while at college in Mobile was nice, but there is one drawback…now that I’m living in a house like a normal person I have pretty much ZERO furniture. It would have been nice if I had spent the last five years slowly acquiring nice furniture of my own.

My dad has been holding on to a bedroom suite my Granny saved for me, but that’s about it.

Oh wait. And I had a rickety little bookshelf that I put my DVDs on.

Anyway. Before moving into my house there were a few things I had to have.

1. A mattress (got to have somewhere to sleep)

2. A couch (got to have somewhere to sit…other than beach chairs)

3. Curtains (to keep out the peeping Toms)

For the record those are all very expensive things. Even curtains are expensive when you have as many windows as I do. There are 3 double windows in my living room/dining room, a triple window and a single window in my bedroom, and two more small windows in my kitchen.

By the time I add the price of curtain rods and multiple panels per window, I’ve spent a small fortune on window coverings.

These I love.

They’re from Kirkland’s. I appreciate the fine folks at Kirkland’s selling their panels in sets of two, because why would anyone ever need just one panel? It was so nice to multiply the price by only two instead of four when doing my curtain math. Someone needs to clue Target in.

One set I bought had a stain on them so they had to go back to the store. I have learned my lesson. If I want something from Kirkland’s, buy it as soon as I see it. It will most likely be gone the next day even if there were plenty there. When I went to exchange my curtains there weren’t any left. Good thing I have a sweet boyfriend who lives in Mobile and was willing to go to the mall (his least favorite place ever) and buy the curtains I had the store hold for me.

Here’s my couch!

I sat on just about every fabric couch from Pensacola to Mobile and this is the most comfortable, not completely overpriced couch I found. This one was from Ashley Furniture. I love it, but my mom gives it a hard time because the back cushions aren’t attached. Oh well.

I need some throw pillows to liven the place up, huh?

I’m a big fan of the fabric on the couch. It’s the thicker kind of upholstery fabric, but it’s still really soft. So many of the couches I saw with a similar look were itchy feeling. No thanks.


Here are the bedroom curtains that I have decided I don’t like.

They are just too dark. They looked much more turquoise in the package, and when light shines through them they look just brown. Blah. If you can’t already see a theme occurring, I have a problem with picking neutrals. I need to jazz it up a bit with some more colorful curtains. These will do for now so I can sleep and get dressed without creepers seeing me, but these are probably going to go to my mom for her guest bedroom. (It really is a shame I don’t like them considering all the trouble they caused me).

So the plan now is to finish unpacking everything from my garage and make do with what I have for a little while. Then I will start working on each room little by little until I have a pretty little decorated house. I want to buy decorations so bad, but I know that I need more big furniture pieces (and other important things like a microwave and pots and pans) before I get into decorating.

Now it’s time for me to go to bed. Crazy weird work week because of Hurricane Issac. I worked a little bit today (Sunday!) because I’m going to have s shorter day on Tuesday and Wednesday off because of the weather.  I also have the crazy goal of starting to go into work earlier so I can get off earlier. It always seems like a good idea when I go to bed, but an awful idea in the morning when my alarm goes off. Wish me luck tomorrow!




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