Waterfront Mission Accomplished

Who cares that there is a hurricane currently brewing up on the gulf coast, school closings, and no work for me on Wednesday? I have my priorities straight.

After I got off work today I headed over to the waterfront mission to look at the furniture…and I bought something. It was a total impulse buy.

$25 desk.

20 minutes before the store closed.

I borrowed a tape measure to measure my car. Then I had to have 4 men help me load it into my car. I told them it should fit, but I’m not the best measurer of things of this nature. They were initially concerned, but it turns out I’m a desk measuring pro. It fit perfectly!

Here is my prize. Pardon my high quality professional photography skills here.

Now imagine it like this…

And WHITE. I’m excited about my first big furniture project. It is really much prettier in person than it is in this picture.

I have high hopes for it!

But for now it is propped up on its side squished in my garage with my car because of the bad weather that’s coming. Guess what’s not fun. Rearranging the garage to accomodate a huge desk and an SUV.

But whatever. It worked out.




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2 responses to “Waterfront Mission Accomplished

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    Keep writing!

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