Desk Progress: Sanding and Priming

So you know how on all the design shows on TLC and HGTV, the people are always painting and doing carpentry work in fancy clothes? Let me show you why that is not a good idea…

You don’t get the full effect of my facial expression with my protective mask on do you? I was very excited to play with my new sander when after I got off work the other day. Should I put on work clothes?…pshhhh. The people on TV do stuff like this in nice clothes all the time.

Moral of the story here: don’t believe everything you see on TV. It’s all lies.

Here’s my pretty little sander I was so excited to use.

I’ve wanted a sander of my own forever. I always said that I would get one as soon as I had a space to use it. Now that I have a garage and my own sander I’m just giddy with excitement. What can I say? I like tools. I’m currently deciding on my next power tool to buy. Drill or jigsaw? Hmmm.

So because I wanted to follow the rules for painting my pretty little desk, I looked up “how to paint furniture” on the Young House Love blog which led me to this post. They know what they are doing, so I’m just going to do exactly what they tell me. That way if I screw it up I can blame someone else.

Step 1: Sand it. My desk had a really shiny varnish on it. Plus I really wanted to use my sander.

Here’s my desk sanded.

And all the drawers and doors.

There is a fancy little attachement for my sander that is supposedly good for teeny tiny little curves like on the front of the cabinet doors and the middle drawer….Umm. No. Total rubbish. The little curved piece that popped in kept flying off whenever I would touch the desk. As you can see from my portrait above, I only care about respiratory safety. I have total disregard for eye protection. The last thing I need is a little plastic piece of my sander flying at my face at high speed. It all worked out though. I just threw the fancy little attachment on the floor and made do.

After I sanded, I wiped it all down to get rid of all the dust. That crap was everywhere (see portrait above).

Step 2. Prime. Young House Love told me to use oil based primer. I searched around their blog for paint recommendations, and I’m pretty sure they recommended this stuff.

Oil based primer is supposedly better for blocking out stains and odors. My desk didn’t really have either of those, but whatever. It’s what they recommended.

Here is my priming progress.

I still have to prime the bottom trim. I don’t think my homeowners would appreciate big white oil-based squares on the garage floor. I’ve got the desk set up on some bricks now, so that will be done shortly.

And I have to do the sides and backs of the cabinet doors.

I used a paintbrush to put the paint on and then smoothed out brush strokes with a tiny roller. Let’s just say I need to go to the store before I can finish painting. I made a silly mistake with the OIL based primer. Or maybe I’m just dumb. More on that another day.




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