Just sitting here watching Jurassic Park on my DVR…

So Jurassic Park is pretty much my favorite movie. For real. I can watch it over and over again and I never get sick of it. I mean seriously. It came on TBS and I DVRed it. Whenever Aaron is like “Let’s watch a movie.” I’m always like “Let’s watch Jurassic Park.”

If I’m being completely honest there are probably movies that I like equally as much as Jurassic Park, but none that I like MORE than Jurassic Park.

So as I’m just sitting here watching it for the 17 billionth time, I was inspired to share what a weirdo I am.

Jurassic Park references in my daily life:

1. My response whenever I see a cup of water vibrating…T-Rex!

2. One of the many reasons I don’t use port-o-potties…too vulnerable.

3. What I think about whenever I see an industrial kitchen…

4. Aaron is a computer person. That means I get exposed to some of his stuff. Whenever I see UNIX anywhere I’m all “I KNOW THIS!”

5. And I don’t even have a really good situation to describe for this one. But trust me. Opportunities to say “Clever Girl” ¬†present themselves all. the. time.



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2 responses to “Just sitting here watching Jurassic Park on my DVR…

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  2. Stephen Hamilton

    You’re basically a female, American version of me. Love this page!

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