Yours Truly, The Girl Published in the Library of Congress

So I kind of wrote a book.

It’s my THESIS y’all!

This baby right here.

Feast your eyes on the last two years of my life:

You like that fancy cropping job? You don’t need to know my last name, do you? Plus I know all my hard core stalkers could just look up the title.

I’m pretty sure the average person would only want to read the acknowledgments and my bio at the end, but I don’t care. It’s totally going on my coffee table.

Anyway. This thing is about 100 pages long.Look at that thickness.

That’s going to make it really difficult for me to carry it around in my purse all the time now.

The good news is that I just heard from my advisor that I’ll get to present at the ASHA conference in November this year. That’s the American Speech and Hearing Association. And by “present” I mean make a poster and stand by it in case anyone wants to ask me a question that I probably won’t know the answer to since I haven’t thought about this since the beginning of May.


It’s in Atlanta and I need some new furniture from IKEA.

I’m psyched.


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