Caramel Apple Salad (aka That one time I did slave labor for Veruca Salt and didn’t even find the golden ticket)

Here’s another recipe! Can you believe it?

I made this for work a little while ago for a co-worker’s birthday celebration, and everyone really liked it. People asked for the recipe and everything.

I found this recipe on Pinterest called Snicker salad, but I used Milky Ways because my SLP friend is allergic to nuts. It would probably be even better with nuts in it.


8 oz Cool Whip

1 small package of instant vanilla pudding mix

1 cup milk

8-10 green apples

Milky Ways/Snickers/any chocolate candy with caramel (I used 2 bags of mini’s – keep reading for my recommendation)


1. Put candy in fridge/freezer to make it easier to chop

2. Mix instant pudding mix with milk. Mix well and put in fridge for a bit.


3. After the pudding is chilled, go ahead and mix cool whip in.


4. Rinse apples. Start chopping apples into bite sized pieces. I found that if you put them in the pudding-cool whip mixture right away they won’t turn brown. I basically chopped one apple at a time and mixed it in as I went along.


It kind of looks like potato salad, but it’s not.


5. Now unwrap candies and chop away.

Here’s where the trouble starts.

Remember the scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Veruca Salt’s father uses his factory workers as slave labor to find her a Golden ticket?

That was me.

Seriously. My fingers were sore for two days.

I highly recommend anyone making this recipe just buy a couple regular or king size bars and chop them up. I’d estimate 6-7 bars. Maybe more. There was a lot of candy in my batch, but I think it would have been just as good or better with less.

Okay. Okay. Back to the recipe.

6. Mix in candy.

(Way more than that. haha)

7. Put in fancy serving dish and refrigerate.

8. Take to work for potluck.

9. Be prepared to give out the recipe because it’s just that good.


Optional substitutions:

As I was reading the blog I got the recipe from, I read in the comments some others things people have added.

Instead of the vanilla pudding:

-cheesecake instant pudding

-caramel instant pudding

-white chocolate instant pudding

(I do think it’s worth mentioning that the instructions on the pudding box say to use 2 cups milk, but this recipe only calls for 1 cup. That made the vanilla flavor much stronger than usual.)

Other candy options:


Milky Way


3 Musketeers

Caramel filled Dove Chocolates (this is what I would use if I was feeling really fancy. then add nuts)


I also saw a suggestion to add cream cheese. HELLO! Oh my goodness. Does that sound delicious or what? I wasn’t quite sure what the original recipe would taste like because I’ve never eaten anything like it before, so I just made it according to the original directions (sans nuts). But now that I’ve tried it, just take my advice. Put some cream cheese in there. I’m totally going to do it next time.






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  1. My wife loves this post she reckons she’s the second on the right unwrapping the Wonka Bars. I have my doubts, that would make her about 95. Im sure she is younger than that

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