Kitchen Hutch Mini Makeover

I bought this hutch for my kitchen for $150. Pretty good price considering similar ones I’ve been looking at cost multiple hundreds. I have great future plans to paint this a fun color, but until I get around to that, it’s going to be put to use in my kitchen.

There was one small problem though. Look at these ugly rails.

No thank-you. Take a little bit of this….

And a little bit of that…

And voila!

One little thing that I’ll have to figure out how to fix…

I don’t know. Maybe fill those. Maybe put some new trim. It doesn’t matter right now because you can’t really tell. Or maybe I should say I can’t tell because I’m short. I can’t see the holes, but maybe taller people can. I’ll have to ask Aaron.

This is my perspective of it.

Isn’t that so much better.

Just a mini makeover for now.




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