Birthday and Greekfest

Happy Birthday to me (way back on the 13th) from My Sweet!  I love sunflowers 🙂

We were just lazying around looking for something to do that Saturday. Good thing I have a friend like Nikki who pays attention to things going on in the world. We headed to Greekfest!

I’m new to this whole instagram thing. I’m torn between no wanting to be an obnoxious oversharer and wanting to take pictures of everything. I’ll get it figured out. Oh yeah. By the way, I have a fancy-pants iphone now. Look at me! Ok not really that fancy-pants. It’s just an iphone 4, and it was free when I changed from my mom’s contract to my own so my mom isn’t paying my phone bill anymore.

All the women who independent, throw ya hands up at me… (oh yeah Destiny’s Child).

Although…it really wasn’t totally free. One day remind me to tell you the sad story of how difficult it is to be an adult when you have no credit. It’s a fun one. (So many ridiculous deposits on EVERYTHING).

Back to Greekfest.

Bad blogger Haleybee did not take a picture her actual food because she was starving. I had a gyro (it had nothing on Founaris Bros. Gyro Bowl). The gyros and cheaper food were on a stand outside. It was ok, but Aaron and I decided that next time we would spring for the more expensive dinner plates they were serving inside.

However, I did remember to take a few pictures of our desserts.

Here is my Grecian Torte:

It really just tasted like a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll.

And here is Aaron’s Napoleon:

I liked his better because the cream inside was cold and it was HOT outside.

We saw some dancing, but no one was in costume while we were there so I was a tad disappointed about that. On our way out we looked inside the church. It was beautiful.

This is always very different for me…

Such a fun day!


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