Picture Hodgepodge

So I talked about how I got my new phone. Well now I have all of these pictures that I don’t know what to do with. Most of these are from this past weekend visiting Aaron in Mobile.

Here is my pretty case I got for my phone. Loving the monogram and chevron!

I did a little book rearranging at the Goodwill.


Aaron and I are considering buying bikes so that we can ride around on some trails. You know. Do things outside…as in not spend all our time eating and going to Goodwill. We were browsing the bikes in Walmart when I realized we would need helmets. It’s the law, guys…

Oh. YES. This is another Walmart necessity. I must have these. All of them. Even season one which was not there. The cases are so cute, and I will watch them until they are worn out. I LOVE I LOVE LUCY.

Well this is from Monday, obviously. I was a big nerd and went to Target to buy Taylor Swift’s new CD.

That makes me a nerd on so many levels in case you are wondering:

1. Who buys CDs anymore? This girl right here.

2. I got it the day it came out like a crazed fan girl. I for real went straight to Target after I got off work. I planned this the night before.

3. I had to go to Target so I could get the special deluxe CD with all the extra songs.

4. I may or may not have tried to find some of her hidden messages in the liner notes so I could get clues about who the songs are about. (Sad I know).

Anyway. I really like it. There are definitely a few more country sounding songs on this CD which makes me very happy.

PS. More good news. I finally finished awful Lolita. Thank Goodness.


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