High Five for Friday!

So this week has been cuh-ray-zee. And I don’t mean busy. Work has actually been ok lately. I think it has something to do with watching Shaytards in the morning while I get ready…makes me happy.

But this week has been full of legitimately strange things. I’ll admit that they aren’t necessarily the best moments of the week, but more like the ones worth talking about. Here we go. Linking up with From My Grey Desk anyway for..

1. My grandma’s mailbox was demolished. 

Just picture this. My sister, her husband, and their four children came to visit over the weekend. As they were getting ready to leave on Sunday, we were all outside of my Grandma’s house seeing them off. Let’s take a quick head count here. Sister’s family makes six. Me. Aaron. Madre. Grandma. Nine people. All outside. Out of nowhere her very large brick mailbox basically explodes all over her front yard. The neighbor’s teenage son hit it with his car…WITH NINE PEOPLE STANDING THERE WATCHING HIM. And this wasn’t just a little fender bender, guys. The front of his car was crushed A piece of the bottom of his car came off. His AIRBAG DEPLOYED. I’m not quite sure how something like that happens considering his driveway is only about 20 feet from her mailbox. Apparently he sneezed and jerked the wheel. No one was hurt, so that’s good. I was torn between being really embarrassed for him and wanting to laugh a bit. Poor kid had a freaking huge audience for his accident.

2. I talked to a 911 operator.

When I got home from work on Tuesday I was gathering all my stuff from my car, and a little girl came to my door in a panic and told me she had 911 on the phone. She said her mom was having a seizure and there was no one else home. The 911 operator had told her to go find a neighbor and no one was answering the door (sadly a lot of people came out of those houses when the ambulance and firetruck showed up). Luckily she saw me getting out of my car. So I followed the directions of the 911 operator and kept updating them on the mom’s status until the ambulance arrived. She was still seizing the whole time but was able to talk to me a little bit to tell me “thank you” and “keep my baby safe.” I’m glad I was in the right place at the right time to be able to help out as best as I could.

3. I voted…and it really didn’t matter

So we had an election, guys. Did you hear about it? I’m one of those important Florida voters. The evening started out with me feeling all “My vote actually matters!” because Florida is one of the “battleground states” with a lot of electoral votes. I even wrote a facebook status about it. However, I retracted that status about 24 hours after Obama had been declared winner, and Florida still hadn’t figured out who won. Have they even figured it out now? I can say with confidence that my vote for President had absolutely zero effect on the outcome of the election. Note light blue Florida.

It’s like this all over again. This costumes is almost relevant again.

4. I used a drill

I’ve had some trouble finding hardware for the doors on my office desk. The existing holes are a weird size, so I took matters in to my own hands and found some pretty hardware that would cover up the old holes. That just meant that I would have to drill some new ones. So I used a drill. Or two. The first one I borrowed wouldn’t go in reverse, so I got in trouble with two of my screws. Then with the next one, I may have accidentally broken a drill bit. (Don’t tell on me, Nicole).

5. Planning a trip

I had some tentative plans to go to ASHA. But you see, I waited too long and I haven’t actually joined ASHA yet, so it was going to cost a whole lot of money…to go to a work conference. I had already taken a Friday off for the trip, so Aaron and I decided we would should go somewhere. Somehow we figured out it would be cheaper for BOTH of us to go to Disney World and Harry Potter World than it would be for JUST ME to go to ASHA. So that’s the plan. Now I can finally get me a wand.


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  1. i found your site from the link up! you are a funny writer. stop by sometime and say hello 🙂


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