Hardware Hassles and Hobby Lobby (a desk update)

So I’ve been working on my $25 Waterfront Mission desk for a while now. Last time I checked in I had it painted white, and I hinted at a fun little surprise I was doing. Turns out that took a little longer than expected (go figure), but you will get to see the surprise in this post!

However, the main focus of this update is going to be hardware. Here’s how the story started.

1. I “measured” the distance between the two holes on the cabinet doors. It was about 4 1/2 inches.

2. Aaron and I go to Home Depot to buy some hardware. All they have is 4 inch and 5 inch handles.

3. I buy both because I figured I measured badly.

Here is the result of that little adventure:

Too big.

Too small.

Then I just said what the heck. I’ll drill my own holes and bought these much prettier knobs at the Hob Lob for 50% off.

They were regularly $12.00 so I got them for $6.00 each. I think they are supposed to just be a decorative knob to hang on the wall as a peg, but they had those handy dandy holes at the top and bottom that I could use to screw into my cabinet doors.

And lucky me. It covers up the existing holes perfectly. I carefully marked the spots to drill the holes using the very tedious “eyeball it method.”

I know it looks off, but I promise it’s not. And then I drilled!

Ok. Ok. My mom helped me because I have never drilled a hole into anything before. I also feel it is important to mention that this is not when I when I broke the drill bit. This is the drill that doesn’t go in reverse. I did not ask permission to use this picture (don’t tell on me, Nicole).

I take that back. I have used a drill before. Once in my high school chemistry class we made Christmas tree ornaments using a chemical reaction on metal, and we had to drill holes to put a hanger on it. If I remember correctly I used the drill for a bunch of people’s ornaments because no one else knew how or were brave enough to try it. I remember feeling like a boss.

I also got some matching drawer knobs at the Hob Lob for 50% off too. These little birds were regularly $5.00 so they were only $2.50 each. Not too shabby.

And boom shaka laka.

Do you want to see the surprise I mentioned earlier? The purpose of this picture is to show you how dang lucky I am that the knob actually fit all the way through the drawer. Look at how thick the front is and how the bolt just barely fits. It was meant to be.

Do you like that pretty turquoise paint on the inside of my drawer? You don’t get the full effect, but trust me. It’s awesome.

Except for this part.

That one divider box comes out and I thought all the sides were hidden. I was wrong. I’ll be touching that up soon. Haha. 🙂



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