This is Bliss

My current state:

-lounging on couch in leggings, slipper, and sweatshirt

-Harry Potter Marathon on ABC Family

-Making plans to run a 5k around Christmas with Nikki (who picked up the hint I dropped in my 2012 goal update post)

-Reading blogs and finding new ones I love

-Eating fresh fried shrimp courtesy of my Grandma with my family’s special secret sauce and a big glass of sweet iced tea

-Minor crafting occurring in my kitchen

-Productive day of shopping for my Blogger Ornament Swap (Living in Yellow & Dreaming of Dimples)

-Dreams of Disney and Harry Potter World this weekend.

-Double posting today, because I’m overzealous. However, no pics because I’m lazy.



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2 responses to “This is Bliss

  1. lol @ the disney line. the parents at disney world seem to be way more excited than their kids there!

    Trish – Tales from…

  2. Yay ornament swap shopping! 🙂 And also, yay for the HP marathon! I only watched a tiny bit of it, but it sure does make me happy. But I’m super jealous of your lazy/good day to do stuff at home… I was home last Thursday & Friday, but it was because I felt awful, so I didn’t do anything but sit my behind on my couch the whole time…ugh.

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