Disney World and My Irrational Fear of Animatronics

So after Harry Potter World on Friday, Aaron and I went to Downtown Disney for dinner. We both ate giant hamburgers at Planet Hollywood. Then we got ready for our DISNEY DAY on Saturday. Both Aaron and I have been to Disney before, so we decided to go to 3 parks and just ride our favorite things. We started the day off in Animal Kingdom.

First ride of the day! The parking lot shuttle 🙂 Notice Aaron’s sleepy face.

The Tree of Life.

Ahh. Everest. What a glorious fake mountain!

We walked around Animal Kingdom and enjoyed the sights before riding the two best things there: Everest and the Safari. Remember when I mentioned I have a highly irrational fear of animatronics. Let me tell you a story about Disney World. They have this bad habit of putting terrifying animatronics on rides that scar me for life, and then changing the rides so they are much more low key.

Most recent example: Everest Yeti. Did anyone ride this ride when there was a giant animatronic Yeti that popped out of the mountain and swatted at your rollercoaster cart. Terrifying. Do I care about high speeds and going backwards? Nope. Do I like the giant monster swatting at me. Heck no! So imagine how silly I looked when I was going on and on about this stupid Yeti, going through the whole ride in terrified anticipation, only to see that the scary animatronic Yeti has been replace with a shadow. A SHADOW! I got all worked up for a shadow. I was so perplexed I googled that ride right after we got off. Apparently Expedition Everest now operates in B-mode because the original Yeti had a “significant risk for catastrophic malfunction.” Oh and some man DIED of a heart attack on this ride in 2007. Maybe my animatronic fears aren’t so irrational after all.

Anyway. After Everest we rode the safari. We saw lots of animals and I got some pictures, but the pictures are never as good as actually being there. Plus I hate looking at other people’s pictures like this, so I’m going to spare you. All you get is this one.

I don’t remember what that is, but it was so close I could have touched it! Haha.

After our safari we headed over to Hollywood Studios, where the only picture we took was in front of the giant Christmas tree.

But wait! I have another story about my fear of animatronics making me look ridiculous. Anyone ride The Great Movie Ride? Harmless right. Umm no. As a child I was brought on this ride only to be scarred for life by the Alien section where the alien came out of the hole in the ceiling. Fast forward to a few years ago when I went to Disney World for my friend’s birthday.

There I sit in terrified anticipation of the stupid alien that is going to attack me from the ceiling. As a child I was positive that alien came way out of the ceiling to get me. As I was covering my eyes and burying my face into the person next to me, I was informed that the alien doesn’t really move that much. And it’s really not that scary at all. In fact, Haley, you are overreacting greatly and small children are laughing at you.

Anyway, at Hollywood Studios we rode the Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster and watched the Indiana Jones show, plus a few other little things. We didn’t get to see the Beauty and the Beast show which is one of my favorites, but it was ok because I’ve seen it so many times before. We grabbed some lunch at the commissary and then headed over to Magic Kingdom.

We saved the best for last!

We rode over on the boat right before it started to rain. Instead of dealing with that we decided to just go ahead and wait the ridiculously long time for Space Mountain. We got to wait inside and by the time we were out it had stopped raining. Then we had the rest of the night (until 1 AM) to ride EVERYTHING!


No Smiling on the Teacups!

Why do I love Country Bear Jamboree so much? The triplets kill me every time. “All the guys who turn me on, turn me down.”

Notice these animatronics are not scary. Do you know what used to be scary at the Magic Kingdom? A little show called Alien Encounter, which is now changed to Stitch’s great Escape. I’m pretty sure Alien Encounter is the original ride that started my whole fear of animatronics. I remember praying the first time I was on that ride because I actually thought I was going to die. I had shaky legs as I walked out. The Stitch ride is really lame and gross though.

Here’s the castle with the Christmas lights turned on. We watched the fireworks and my favorite part of the show…Tinkerbell ziplining from the top of the castle! Seriously. What a job.

More Christmas decorations!

And as our day came to a close, we had to find our way back to the car. So you see…we parked at Animal Kingdom because we went there first. The problem is that park closes earliest (like 8 or something), and we stayed at Magic Kingdom until almost 1:00. We knew we could get a bus ride back to Animal Kingdom, so we weren’t too concerned. So we find the bus we need and get on. We are the only people on the bus.

Bus Driver: Where are you going?

Us: Animal Kingdom.

Bus Driver: Is your car there?

Us: Yes.

Bus Driver: Is it a black one?

Us: Uh. No.

Bus Driver: Same difference. There’s only one over there.

And he wasn’t kidding. See that little speck?

That’s our car. All alone in the Animal Kingdom parking lot. The bus left as soon as we got on because the driver was literally waiting for just US. It was so funny. He told us he would have taken us right up to our car but there was some grassy median thing blocking him in. That would have been some service.

And so ended our whirlwind day at Disney.



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4 responses to “Disney World and My Irrational Fear of Animatronics

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  3. Maria

    I have been waiting for a post just like this I did the exact same thing on both rides except the ride hostess on Great Movie Ride, would not move us on to the next section til I quote “pulled myself together ” I had never been so terrified, and the yeti thing was freaky

  4. Summre

    I’m scared of animatronics too. I’m fascinated but TERRIFIED! I’d have an emotional breakdown if any of te rides I was on stopped.

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