Black Friday: Before, During, & After

This post may be a little late, but I don’t care. We have a tradition in my family, and that tradition is BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING. We have gone every year for the past few years. It’s usually a mix of my sisters and cousins. Everyone else has children, so they are more serious about shopping. I am typically more in the $2 DVD frame of mind. Oh, and of course I’m all about setting the game plan and mapping my route around stores to help my family get their goods.

This year was a little different. We were down to just 2 of us because the others had to work to earn a living or something. Here I am with my sister Nicole rocking our Christmas colors before heading out.


It was kind of sad that it was just the two of us, but you see…this presented a special opportunity. I wanted a big purchase! And so begins a long drawn out story that I’m not going to tell because I’m sick of it. So here’s the breakdown.

1. Walmart was terribly unorganized.

2. They formed 2 lines for one item.

3. Everyone was angry.

4. Not me because my sister and I were in safe positions in each of those lines (yay teamwork).

5. I basically spent the night in the Walmart electronics department. It wasn’t too bad though.



Because Walmart screwed up, they basically let us do whatever we wanted. All 13 of us sat around in those comfy chairs. We read magazines. We played phase 10 on a little card table (I won). My sister brought me Chickfila. Walmart gave us doughnuts and coffee. It was a grand old time.

(Well except for that one incident with Judi with an I who is an employee at the Walmart on Creighton. That’s right. I’m calling her out. We hate you Judi with an I. We did not accept the apology your boss made you come give us after your hasty and disrespectful actions.)

But look who got a new big TV. Pretty nice upgrade from a 32 in box TV, huh?



And of course I got some DVDs and clothes too…and those sunglasses I’m wearing, but those aren’t nearly as exciting. After this I took a nice long siesta and got ready for Thanksgiving. We celebrated on Friday since a few people had to work on Thursday. It made everything feel weird, but it was still good family time with delicious food!

sigOh. I guess scoring my big TV on Black Friday put me in a competitive mood, because now I really want to win a giveaway hosted by Glossy Blonde. It’s pretty much the biggest giveaway I have ever seen. If you want to see how crazy I am, you can go check out how many entries you can earn. Guess how many I am getting. ALL OF THEM. There goes my competitive nature again!


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