DIY Burlap Wreath

I’ve been crafty lately. My front door was looking a little sparse, so I thought I’d whip this up.


I pinned this burlap wreath tutorial on Pinterest a while ago.

Here’s what I used:

1. floral wire wreath form in a size I liked. (They weren’t labeled, but I’m pretty sure mine was larger than 16 inches, which the original tutorial called for.)

2. ~3 1/2 rolls of 4 inch wide burlap ribbon (also in the floral department). Each roll was 15 feet long. I actually bought one roll to make a bow for another project, and just used the rest (hence the extra 1/2 roll). By some Christmas miracle I had the perfect amount to fill up my wreath. That’s right. No scissors or cutting needed. A perfect fit.

A good rule of thumb is to never pay full price for anything at Hobby Lobby. If it’s not already 50% off, it will be next week, or you can use the 40% off coupon from the sales paper or on your phone. All my supplies ended up costing about $10.

Here’s the kind of burlap ribbon I used.


I messed around with it to figure out the easiest way to work the ribbon and ended up with this section done.


And it looked pretty good to me!

Here’s the method I used with each ribbon.

I started out by securing one end of ribbon. And by securing I just mean weaving into the wires. I didn’t use any extra fasteners.

Starting from the outer wire, weave under…






Then tuck the short end over the innermost wire and around into the back side of the wreath so that it is secure. Don’t worry. It’s pretty easy to work with and secure.


Then scrunch it up!


Now that the short end is secure, you have the long end of the ribbon to work with.


For this row, you start by going over the outermost wire (the opposite of the last row). Then you thread that 15 foot ribbon all the way through. (Ok this is kind of a pain, but it gets easier.)


Then weave under-over-under-back over like you did with the short end.

100_1562Keep scrunching and poofing as you go along.

Secure the ends of each ribbon when you start and finish each roll. And eventually you will wind up with…

100_1563Now I just need some festive decorations. I haven’t quite decided on what I’m going to use but here’s where I started.

100_1566You can’t go wrong with lace in my book. I actually bought that to decorate my tree, but oh well. I needed more anyway 🙂

I’ll have to update with the finished product!





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25 responses to “DIY Burlap Wreath

  1. Wow you did such a good job, this looks great 🙂

  2. Patricia

    thank you for being so specific, never understood how to ‘weave’ the burlap. now I’ve got it and looking forward to my first creation!

  3. Debbie

    Yes thank you for your detailed and easy to follow directions. I am making one right now. I just couldn’t understand several other people’s directions.

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  6. Thank you so much for your tutorial. I made a wreath for my niece and she loved it. Now I have to make me one. Blessings, Carol

  7. Reblogged this on cofferman2009's Blog and commented:
    Def.trying this

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  9. how did you weave the lace through it? i bought a burlap type ribbon in chevron to weave through it but im not sure how to do it? thanks

    • Hi Shelli,
      I recently updated my burlap wreath and added chevron burlap to it. I posted about it, but I did not give directions because it was kind of a trial and error process. It’s more simple than making the wreath though. I’ll do my best to give you written directions 🙂

      1. First I secured one end of the ribbon to the wreath by weaving it around a central wire. This is the same technique I used to secure the regular burlap for the wreath. I start with a central wire because I like my decorative ribbon to look centered and not on the edge of the wreath.

      2.Then I measured with my fingers about how big of a “loop” I wanted the lace/chevron to be and which direction I wanted it to be angled. (I typically alternated about 5-6 inch “loops” left-right-left-right through the wreath wire.)

      3.Then I spread apart the section of the burlap wreath to expose the wire form and wove it underneath it. It’s another one of those annoying steps where I was pulling the whole length of ribbon through every time. Fluff up the loop so it looks full.

      4. To make the next “loop” i just twisted my lace/chevron so that the next loop laid flat and was exposing the pretty side. It was pretty easy to work with. The chevron ribbon I used was plain on the other side/

      5. Keep repeating this all the way around the wreath, and secure the end by weaving it the same way you started it off.

      I hope that is somewhat helpful. I know seeing it is easier, so I may do another blog post about this soon with pictures!

      Here is the post that shows my wreath with the new chevron burlap added:
      It may be the exact chevron burlap you have if you like Hobby Lobby as much as I do. That picture may help you visualize the loops and the left-right-left-right idea I was talking about.

      Good Luck!

  10. Stacey

    Thanks for the super easy to follow tutorial! I have made two of these since reading you post! Thanks so much!!!

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  14. Liz

    Making burlap wreath now Am I only leaving loops on inside and outside ring? Or am I to leave excess in middle to?

    • I can’t quite picture what you are saying, but I think you are looking at the picture where it looks like there are only two loops of burlap. When you switch weaving direction and come back the other way you will make two more loops beside the previous two, but they will be offset a little bit to make the wreath look full.

      I hope that helps. If that didn’t answer your question, my only other response to help you out is that I never left any excess…just loops.

      Thanks for reading!

  15. Liz

    Ok great that answers my question. Thank you!!

  16. Kristen

    Hehe! I think i bought way too big of a wire loop… I went through FOUR rolls of the 15 ft $4.99 burlap…. HEY! At least it was 50% off this week.

  17. kim

    Thanks for being so specific and for taking pics along the way.

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  21. Thank you so much for your post and tutorial. I rarely have time or bandwidth to leave a comment but really wanted to say thank you! I usually can look at a few pictures and easily figure out how something was constructed or my own make shift way of achieving the same look. I have heard how easy these are and yet felt so overwhelmed on where to start. My mostly only found “tutorials” that explained it but only pictured the completed step. Or some with arrows but couldn’t visibly see the step due to the burlap looping already being completed. So thank you so much for taking the time to not only share but carefully picture and explain each step and the looping process. I love to craft but I find in the chaos of life it’s hard enough to find the time to do so and gather what’s needed but sharing it especially on a free share is so thoughtful in and of itself I know the process is long and completely selfless. But to go into great detail and picture each step for us visual learners is definitely a selfless labor. I can’t thank you enough!

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