January 5th {photo-a-day}



Somehow Aaron and I found ourselves with some of our couple friends at the casinos in Biloxi Saturday night. Here we are at the Beau Rivage.

I worked worked worked Saturday morning then rove to Mobile. We met our friends for dinner at our favorite little Mexican restaurant (La Cocina! Ole!).  Somehow our “Do y’all want to do something after dinner” conversation went from “Pictionary?” to “Drive an hour to Biloxi and get our gambling on?”

Here’s to spontaneity!

I played penny slots all night. At one point I was doing very well, but apparently I don’t know when to stop. The Dublin Diamond machine took all my money.

It was a super fun time though. It was great hanging out with good Mobile friends we don’t get to see enough. It was also pretty nice to feel like a wild and crazy twenty-something again instead of the  pathetic fall-asleep-on-the-couch-working-lady I was last night.



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