Goals for 2013

I’m just going to leave these here 🙂

  1. Read all the books I’ve bought at Goodwill/bookstores (at least 1 a month) so I can rationalize buying a kindle.
  2. Make ALL the practical recipes on my Pinterest.
  3. Start a cleaning schedule (start off slow, like 1 day a week at a time).
  4. Meal planning…do it again. Including eating breakfast before work everyday.
  5. Lose ten pounds. Not a joke this year.
  6. Be prepared to run Disney Princess ½ marathon in 2014.
  7. Buy a saw and learn how to use it to build something cool. (Like a frame for my TV when I mount it on the wall).
  8. Invisalign. Straight teeth need to happen. (Start this process by the end of January…at least call and schedule a consultation).
  9. Complete Insanity.
  10. New blog design.

I’ll keep you posted. Here’s to big accomplishments in the new year!





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2 responses to “Goals for 2013

  1. Meal planning and a cleaning schedule are two things I need to do as well!

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