Burlap Wreath Decorations: So late, it’s no longer a Christmas wreath

Remember when I made that burlap wreath forever ago? Well it was supposed to be a Christmas wreath, but sometimes I lack motivation to get things done. Now that Christmas is passed, it has become an everyday wreath.

Most of the decorations are from Hobby Lobby. (Note: never buy anything full price at Hobby Lobby).


Part of the reason this project kept getting put off was that I kept forgetting to buy twine.

Well last night I got sick of my pretty wreath just sitting on my kitchen table, so I got creative.IMG_0293

Yes. Dental floss. I wish I could give you a very detailed step-by-step how to for exactly how I attached wreath decorations with dental floss, but I can’t. Let’s just say it was a very haphazard process. It was pretty easy hiding it in the flowers, but my big “H” was a little problematic. Notice the floss.


Well that’s no good, right. I decided to go all OCD perfectionist on it…


Obviously not, but it looks a little better right. All I did was paint the floss over the letter with the same craft paint I used on the letter. Rocket. Science.

And see? If you stand back a bit and squint your eyes you can’t even see the dental floss anymore.


Now I need a wreath hanger that will stay on my front door. That ugly little suction cup one will only stick on the inside of my door. This spot was just for pictures, but it stayed, so now my fingers are crossed that I don’t hear a crash in the middle of the night.




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