Accidental Sad Valentine’s Day Girl

Dear People of Publix,

I have a boyfriend, I promise.

He just lives in Mobile and we are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day the weekend after. And by celebrate I mean attempt to build a work bench together…and maybe go out to eat with friends. I don’t make a big deal. I asked for Girl Scout cookies. Lemonades (NOT Lemon Chalet Cremes-big difference).

So you see, Thursday night, I really had almost forgotten it was Valentine’s Day. I had just gone to Home Depot to buy my new drill (for above mentioned weekend project), and I was kind of hungry. I was totally not in the mood for fast food, so I thought “Hey…I’ll get something from the Publix deli.

I walk in the store and start browsing around. Of course there is no buffalo chicken mac-and-cheese left. It just happens to be the best thing in the world. So I head over to the sushi case. Perfect. I’ll get me a nice sushi roll for dinner. As I’m heading towards the checkout, I walk past the ice cream case. Hey. You know what I haven’t had in a while?…Some of this stuff.icecream

Then as I’m standing in the checkout line, oblivious me takes a look around. Almost everyone in the store is male. Everyone is buying flowers, heart-shaped boxes of candy, or fancy dinner fixings like wine and shrimp. The checkout girl is talking about the all the people standing outside the Italian restaurant next door waiting to be seated because “I guess Italian food and Valentine’s Day just go together.”

And here I am.

Sushi for one and a carton of ice cream planning to go home and watch Downton Abbey.

I repeat. I do have a boyfriend.


The girl who got the sympathetic face from the cashier




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2 responses to “Accidental Sad Valentine’s Day Girl

  1. Nikki

    HELLO. Thanks for blogging finally! 1. I can’t find anyone selling Lemonades and those other lemon imposter cookies are gross. 2. Sorry, I drove into a parking garage the other day while I was talking to you and didn’t have service again for like an hour. I’ll call you Monday?

    –Nikki =)

    • Lemonades are out there somewhere! I kind of freaked a little bit when I saw the new savannah smile cookies. That new lemon cookie better not have replaced my favorite! But it’s all good. I checked the official list of 2013 girl scout cookies, so I know. haha. Call me.

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