Kitchen Hutch Project: Complete

It’s complete! I finished re-doing my kitchen hutch.

It totally looks blue in that picture doesn’t it? It’s actually gray. Shutter gray to be exact. I used Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint. It has it’s pros and cons. I’d like to try some other types of paint for the “distressed look” before I form my final opinion, though.


If you recall this post, you will remember what my hutch looked like when I bought it.


It was actually a really nice piece, but one little adjustment made it much better.


See? Much better already.


Here are some “in-progress” painting pictures in my garage. Just one little overhead light doesn’t make for the best pictures. Most of my work was done after I got off work when it was dark outside, so this is the best you get.

I also used wood filler to fill all the holes ont he shelves from the decorative molding.



Then I sanded the edges to weather it some, and sealed it with wax.

This stuff was amazing by the way. I had no idea that you could seal furniture with wax like this. The instructions on the MMS Milk paint say to use the MMS furniture wax, but I just bought this Minwax kind for $10 at Home Depot. I was so impressed with myself as I was putting it on. It took away the chalky texture of the painted finish and made it feel like a nice expensive piece of furniture you would buy at a store. It blew my mind. It was pretty labor intensive to put it on though. My arms got a good workout that night.

After the wax dried, I just switched out the hardware for these trendy drawer pulls. OK OK. It wasn’t that easy. I bought the drawer pulls, and the original holes didn’t match up. Story of my life. Funny thing is that these drawer pulls have these little fake decorative screws on the front that would have matched the original holes in the drawers PERFECTLY, but the place where the screws actually went into the pulls were just inside. That’s probably hard to picture. Just take my word for it. It was frustrating.

I bought a drill and screwed new holes for the new drawer pulls…and VOILA!

My fancy new hutch.


I think the best part was having all that junk from the shelves and drawers off my kitchen counter.sig



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2 responses to “Kitchen Hutch Project: Complete

  1. Nicely done! Wish I had the room in my galley kitchen.


    I can’t believe it’s the same hutch! It was really nice before, now it’s awesome! What a transformation. You did a fantastic job.

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