Monday Monday

I just spent a good little while writing a really long blog post showing off my kitchen backsplash. I posted it for a second, but then I decided to wait and schedule it for tomorrow. It’s so good…I need to keep you waiting.

In all actuality I wanted to do another little short post today that would no longer be relevant tomorrow. My fancy kitchen, however, will still be relevant tomorrow.

Today was my first day back at work after an unanticipated 4 day long weekend. Nothing glamorous. I was sick. All my little motivational quotes I pin on my “wise words” pinterest board would have been proud of me today. Sometimes when I’m at work I have to give myself little motivational talks.

I actually committed to being at work instead of looking at the clock and wishing the day away. I’ve been in a funk lately. The good news is that I’ll be finished with my clinical fellowship soon. I’ll still have the same job, but I’ll get some new letters on my name. Instead of Haleybee M.S. CFY-SLP, I’ll be Haleybee M.S. CCC-SLP. It’s a big deal.

You should help me choose the picture for my badge at work:

Option A or B?


Those were taken the day I got my QVC “Today’s Special Value” impulse purchase in the mail, so of course I had just played makeup. It’s a rare day that I do my hair, so it needed to be documented. It just so happened that I needed to upload a badge picture to my work onboarding site, and I had a spare boyfriend laying around the house to take my picture.

One drawback of having a tall boyfriend is that the 10 pictures I took before these 2 good ones were all looking down at the top of my head. Or my head was leaned way back. Just for the record, the “looking down on you” angle makes a person’s head look huge. (Or maybe I just have a big head).

Random thoughts for the evening:

I’ve been DVRing The Bachelor so I can fast forward through commercials. I heart Sean. I’m totally going to write a post where talk about how Sean and I are actually meant to be together. (BTW Aaron, I’m talking about the alternate universe where you are meant to be with Emma Watson, so we’re square).

It’s been raining all day. We’re currently under a tornado warning.

I have a goal to finish my dang book by the end of February. I’ve got three days to finish The Casual Vacancy. It’s picked up a little bit, but I’m still trudging.

I also have a lot of crafty projects coming to a close. Lot’s to blog about.



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